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Catalyst Cook

Lic# MA60613501

My name is Catalyst; I graduated from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics in August of 2014. I was most interested in massage as a way of energetically and emotionally healing the body - I learned early on in to energy work that I, personally, make a better difference in healing if I can manipulate muscles by hand. I tend to specialize in relaxation work; getting a client's body comfortable and relaxed to see where it needs the work most. I start out my treatments with a soft touch and move deeper as the body allows. I focus mostly on comfort and hope to tailor each session to the body in front of me. I enjoy working on newcomers to massage and those with lots of experience - it is surprising what each individual body can handle.

While not working at Carpe Diem, I am also an administrative assistant at Alexandar's and I am a teachers assistant as well - this goes along well with my comfort focus, as I assist mostly with the school's basic Swedish class and making sure each student is comfortable with their own style and flow to each sequence and segment of the body.

I am also a new mom and live in a community of lovely individuals. Our house is a community hub and we often connect and network with others in the community to make sure all of our friends and family feel welcome. Healing comes in many forms, after all.


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