Massage Therapist

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Rachel Luthy

Lic# MA60581723



My name is Rachel.

I became a massage therapist because as far back as I can remeber Ive been massaging. Friends and family always told me I had a knack for it, so I took a chance and went to school for it. It just so happens I LOVE it.

I originally wanted to become a labor and delivery nurse but decided against it. I do plan on becoming a doula and pairing my skill of massage with the love of babies and their mothers. If you couldnt already tell I absolutely love pregnancy massage. I enjoy the feeling of relaxation I can bring to a hard working mother to be.

When I am not hard at work massaging, I am spending time with my son and his football adventures, my amazing boyfriend, and our big furry dog. We enjoy our outdoor activities but also very much enjoy our movies nights.

I look forward to building clientele and creating a perfect massage experience just for you.