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Payton Matherly

Lic# MA60761995


Payton comes from the growing city of Tacoma. She got her massage certification from Cortiva Massage Institute in Federal Way and has been going strong in massage therapy ever since. What sparked an interest in the healing art of massage is not only an ad on Pandora, but the fact that massage saved herself from chronic, excruciating pain from a bizarre roller derby accident. She had family friends that had been working in the field and helped mentor her into making the final decision.

Deep down she knew she eventually would be in the holistic health and healing field of work because it is extremely important in our day and age to make time for self-care and maintenance. After the first couple massages in school, she knew she made the right choice. Then, with experience, she has gained hands on knowledge ranging from car accident injuries, geriatric, prenatal, and of course relaxation massage. Helping people get back into routine and heal from life’s unexpected events or just maintaining a stress free life and giving people the self care they deserve is what Payton really enjoys to pursue because she has experienced it firsthand herself. She is blessed to now be in an immaculate atmosphere to pursue her dreams in healing.


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