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Behnaz Fanibanda

License #116434


Hello I’m Behnaz, and I have an infinite love of all things skin and glam! I have an extensive knowledge of skin and makeup and I’m constantly striving to grow with new and ever changing beauty innovations. I am a well rounded Licensed Esthetician; I graduated from Summit Salon Academy. I am also a certified makeup artist and skilled sugarist. I struggle with my own skin personally, so I have always aspired to help others with the same struggles. I just want everyone to see their inner beauty shine through, most importantly I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin.

In my spare time I love to do airbrush, sfx, and theatrical makeup projects on the side. I also play viola in orchestras, I am a major movie junkie, and I absolutely adore animals!


Carpe Diem ~ Tacoma Massage Therapy