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Jo Anderson

Lic #MA60914891

Hello there!

Welcome to Help Me! Massage Therapy. I’m Jo (I go by Jojo too!) I have worked at Carpe Diem before under a different name (Kelly) but now I am Jo! I appreciate your understanding and compassion in this change. I am deeply passionate about human bodies and our many wacky experiences with them! I am formally trained in Swedish Deep Tissue Massage techniques as well as relaxation massage, myofascial release, triggerpoint, acupressure, aromatherapy, prenatal massage and Ashiatsu. I completed my education through Alexandar School of Nautral Therapeutics and Massage and received an additional certification in Ashiatsu through Deep Feet Bar Therapy. My goal in every session is to craft the perfect personalized healing experience for every unique individual. Bodies are constantly changing, and tend to store our feelings in our muscles when we are unable to process them in the moment, in addition to other factors, this often leads to ongoing tension and discomfort. Together we can analyze your body’s specific tension and pain patterns, address them as needed and work to build a harmonious relationship with your body.

My personal style in Bodywork combines many techniques across the spectrum. In a typical session with me you can expect to receive deep tissue, trigger point, relaxation techniques and energy work, (feel free at any point to ask me bout what techniques I am using!) I work well with all types of people and my regular client base is a mixed bag of office employees, manual laborers, parents of all kinds, folks struggling with their mental health, chronic pain management, and people new to Bodywork. Massage is a fantastic tool for addressing acute injuries, resetting a prolonged fight or flight response and for managing chronic conditions. Its benefits are most noticeably physical, but as a practitioner I find that the emotional and spiritual benefits can be just as profound, and as a general practice, I incorporate all three aspects into my sessions. My clients would describe my style as flowing, nurturing, trance-inducing and renewing.

Communication is the best tool we have for crafting the best experience for you, so always feel free to ask questions, share whatever you feel compelled to, (I’ve heard it all!) and mention when you need adjustments made, your comfort is always the top priority. I look forward to our future explorations! Remember to ask me about discounts you may be eligible for and remind yourself often that healing is journey not a destination and – We all need a little help!

-With Peace and Joy