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Jo runs her own business at Carpe Diem Massage & Spa

Jo Anderson

Lic #MA60914891

Hello there!

Jo Anderson is deeply passionate about human bodies and our many wacky experiences with them. They are formally trained in Swedish Deep Tissue massage techniques, Relaxation massage, Myofascial Release, Triggerpoint, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Pre-natal and Ashiatsu massage. Jo completed their education through Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics and Massage in 2017 and received additional certification for Ashiatsu through Deep Feet Bar Therapy. Clients have described their style as nurturing, trance inducing, renewing and relieving.

In a typical session with Jo, you can expect to receive deep tissue work, trigger point, relaxation techniques and energy work. They take great pride in creating unique treatment plans for all types of bodies and people including manual laborers, office workers, parents of all kinds, and folks seeking to improve their mental health manage chronic pain and find an overall respite from the demands of daily life. Jo believes massage can benefit anyone and serves as an excellent tool to aid in injury recovery, reset a prolonged sympathetic nervous system response and in every session, they seek to foster an individualized experience for restorative healing.

Outside of work Jo enjoys exploring the community with their faithful dog Sandy, crafting with recycled materials, cooking for their delightful roommates and listening to every type of podcast under the sun! They look forward to meeting you and helping you feel better!

P.S. Sandy joins in on most of Jo’s Friday and weekend sessions to provide emotional support and intense doggie cuteness! She is very calm and friendly so feel free to give her some scratches when you see her or schedule an appointment on a weekday if you have severe allergies or an aversion to large dogs.