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Kassie Robison

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Kassie has led a vagabond life, growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the southern coast and foothills of California, and in the shadow of majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado. >From a very young age, adventure and diversity of experience were encouraged in Kassie’s family.

Curiosity and connection were always driving forces in her life and led her to pursuits in the healing arts. She has five years experience in the medical field as a veterinary technician, pathology lab clerk, phlebotomist, and caregiver.

Kassie graduated from Health Works Institute in Bozeman, MT in August 2015. During her schooling she had an independent focus on integrative healing techniques and methods, studying the use of spiritual philosophy and meditation as a way to integrate physical modalities with client understanding and needs.
In her spare time Kassie enjoys being outside, hiking, practicing aikido, reading excellent books on history or myth, studying dressage, competing on the Schutzhund field with her German Shepherds, cooking vibrant and healthy meals, and spending time with her friends and family.


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