Massage Therapist

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Sokenna Om

Lic# MA60811228


I have wanted to pursue massage therapy since I was 17, I finally had the opportunity to go to school and I love every second of it. Being able to help people throughout the day and knowing that my clients feel a difference after their session is what makes my career worth it. I specialize in relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal and treatment. I would consider my massage techniques very soothing and relaxing but also very firm when needed while mixing deep tissue into the session. I like to make sure my clients get the feel of relaxation during their experience, as I put it "it's home away from home" that's my goal. I am 100% client focus and will do my best to listen and provide you with the massage techniques necessary for your session. As we all know, nobody likes homework but if necessary, I will provide you with some stretches and self-care to take home with you.


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