Massage No-Show Policy

Seize the Day, Live the Moment!


Here’s all we ask of you:

~A valid credit card number at the time of booking any appointment. *To HOLD your session. You can then use that card to pay at time of service or use another method.
~At least 24-hours notice for cancelations and changes.
~Show up on time or, better yet, several minutes early to relax and get in the zone.

That second one is where things get tricky. You see, your appointment time is reserved for you and no one else. So when you don’t show up, you miss out, someone else who could have had your spot misses out, and your therapist misses out. It’s what we call a lose-lose-lose.

And here’s what happens:

~If you give us less than 24-hours notice, we’ll charge your card for 50% of the service fee.
~If you totally flake and don’t show up at all, we have to charge you for the whole darn appointment. (Which, by the way, we think is a real shame.)

Of course we understand that things, such as raging viruses, do come up. So just give us a ring. It’s better for everyone that way.

Carpe Diem Massage loves to provide all of our clients with a courtesy confirmation emails and or calls to help remind you of your scheduled appointment.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will always receive these reminders. We would love you to write it down, put it in your phone or tie a string on your finger so that you will always remember your scheduled appointments.




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