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Massage on the Rocks:

Massage utilizing hot smooth basalt stones. The heat deeply penetrates to achieve a deep sense of relaxation. This treatment, reduces stress, increases circulation and deep muscle relaxation. *This is a ninety minute treatment with a price of $130.00

*Add on Suggestion: Sugar Scrub Foot Bath to begin your relaxation bliss, Roman Dry Brushing for exfoliation

Lomi Lomi:

Enjoy a beloved Hawaiian tradition that works the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes as though gentle waves are moving over your body. A deep sense of balance and harmony is achieved as you experience a complete relaxation of body and mind. 6O minutes $90 or 90 minutes for $120

Add on Suggestion: Sugar Scrub Foot Bath to begin your relaxation bliss, Roman Dry Brushing for exfoliation

Aromatherapy Massage:

Choose one of our seasonal blends of pure essential oils. To improve health, emotional well-being and restore balance in the body and mind. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and have a direct effect on emotions as well easing muscular tension. 60 min. $85, 90 min. $120, 2 hr. $155

Couples Massage:

Enjoy a side by side massage. A great way to introduce someone to massage or relax with a friend. A lovely way to spend an anniversary or birthday.  60 minutes $90 each, 90 minutes $125 each.

Please call the office to book your Couples massage so we can arrange 2 therapist 253-752-7075.

*Add on Suggestion: Sugar Scrub Foot Bath, take a moment together to start the relaxation, Hot Stones for the ultimate zen moment together .

NOTE: Carpe Diem Massage is no longer accepting insurance.

Swedish Relaxation Massage:

Therapeutic massage delivered in a soothing, seamless and completely restful style. Designed to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage reduce tension and rejuvenate tired muscles. 30 min. $45, 60 min. $80, 90 min. $115, 2 hr. $150

 *Add on Suggestion: Sugar Scrub Foot Bath and/or Hot Stones for ultimate relaxation, Roman Dry Brushing for exfoliation

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage:

Therapeutic deep massage delivered in a soothing and seamless style. This massage offers the same benefits as Swedish Relaxation, while accessing the deeper Myofascial layers. Effective for chronic pain, injury treatment and repetitive stress injuries. 30 min. $45, 60 min. $80, 90 min. $115, 2 hr. $150

*Add on Suggestion: Hot Stones to help loosen tight muscles or Para Fango to increase circulation and reduce inflammation

Pregnancy Massage:

Designed to support mommy to be throughout her pregnancy. Extra care is given to those areas under the most stress as well as special attention to position and comfort. Special table is used so mommy to be can lay face down during massage throughout her pregnancy. 30 min. $45, 60 min. $80, 90 min. $115, 2 hr. $150

 *Add on Suggestion: Sugar Scrub Foot Bath, help with achy swollen feet, Roman Dry Bushing to increase circulation

Sports Massage:

Designed for the amateur or professional athlete who wishes to reduce the incidence of restriction or injury, and optimize strength and mobility before, during and after training and sports events. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Proprioceptive techniques and Hydrotherapy will be used with appropriate timing to address specific needs. 30 min. $45, 60 min. $80, 90 min. $115, 2 hr. $150

Reiki By: Karen $80/60 min.

Reiki is an energy healing technique in which the therapist channels their energy through touch to activate the natural healing process of the clients body. It is known to restore physical and emotional well being as well as alleviate stress, pain and accelerate healing of illness.

Add on Services

May be added on to massage of your choice.

  • Custom Aromatherapy upgrade $5
  • Add Essential oil to any add on $2
  • Sugar Scrub Foot bath $15
  • Hot Stones to Back $10
  • Hot Stones to Back and Legs $15
  • Para Fango to back $15
  • Roman Dry Brushing $10
  • Green Massage (CBD infused cream)
    • 1st area $10,
    • Additional area's $5 each

Pricing Policy

Prices subject to change without notice.




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