Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

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It is 2017. Yes, I said it. Can you believe that? Another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. This is the time we will hear all of our friends and family talk about their new year resolution's, and on the other side of the spectrum plenty of people will be "anti-resolutions." Ironic isn't it? No matter where you stand on the new years hype- At Carpe Diem Massage we truly believe that any transformation begins with the inside- and radiates out, no matter what time of year it is.

It's not surprising that massage therapy is soothing and relaxing, but did you know that it is also known to improve your mental wellness? Without proper mental wellness it is difficult to fully enjoy anything in life to the fullest. According to several therapists, and clients alike- they believe that massage therapy is an effective tool for treating anxiety, depression, and even insomnia because it brings you to a complete relaxed state. This is great news! Massage therapy improves both physical and mental health, all while you get to relax and have some time just for you. Sounds like a good New years resolution to me, massage + self care = better mental and physical health!

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Whats another way in which massage can transform you inside and out? Adding in yoga. Just like massage, yoga is highly praised for it's top three important benefits.

1. Improving flexibility. Massage and yoga together will help your body become more flexible, creating a greater range of motion, and more limber joints. This will make everyday tasks easier, as well as straightening your posture and evening out your breathing.

2.Increasing Circulation. Massage and yoga keep blood moving through your body, which in turn makes room for more oxygen rich blood. This can also result in lower blood pressure- which greatly improves your health and wellness overall.

3. Stress Relief. We all know that stress is apart of everyday life, and it's unavoidable- but it can take a tremendous toll on your health. Yoga and massage will both promote the kind of relaxation that will result in a deeper sleep. Better physical and mental performance, and higher energy levels will follow. All of these tools with help you combat the stress in your life, in a healthy manner.

Photo: Taylor Stephens

That being said- if you are finding this blog in the new year, or in 5 years from now, the facts still remain the same. All change starts from within yourself. Nurturing yourself, your soul, and your body, will create a breeding ground for positive change. I urge you to not forget about your mental state. The more mentally balanced you are, the better you will be at conquering your goals,

Stay Balanced my friend. Let us make this an incredible year.

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