The heart of a Massage Therapist

I thought I would share what massage means to me personally as a therapist. How powerful and profound it is in my own life. How Carpe Diem Massage the place I have worked so hard to create is so special to me and how much I receive during each massage session.

Life is stressful and hectic. I personally worry to much and I am constantly in my head thinking and overthinking. In the process driving the closest ones to me crazy... My mind never shuts off with the worries of daily life. I often feel overwhelmed by my constant thinking. But....

Things begin to shift for me as I walk down the stone steps leading into my world. I feel calmer and more at peace. When I walk into my massage room my heart rate slows, I feel myself taking a few deep breaths as I center myself for this scared space. I created Carpe Diem to be the space I want to be in. My massage room is the one place I do not overthink in fact its the only place I do not think at all. I just feel and intuitively work the muscles as I approach them. People often ask "how did you find that?" and honestly I don't know. My hands work their magic and my mind is free to escape. I truly go into a mediative trance of sorts. I reach a level of calm that I have not found anywhere else and I have searched for it. The massage room is my domain, the one place in the world that I never second guess myself. I own that room. It is where I belong and it's where I want to be. I feel the most myself there, peaceful and confidant, I become the person I would like to be all the time. I get a peek into my true self and I like what I see.

Another plus while I am massaging, I am disconnected. Meaning no social media, no text messages, no cell phone buzzing at me. No negative news. I am free to just be. We are so overstimulated these days it is amazing to be disconnected for a bit. I call this living in my "massage bubble" and it's amazing. The real world can wait.

I love and respect every person who walks into our space. There is a special place in my heart for every client that has every been on my table. The connection I feel with each and every one is very real. Massage is my art form, as an ex dancer my massage is rhythmic and it flows and it a beautiful thing. It is a pure pleasure for me to give, my hands flow, my mind lets go, the client relaxes our breathing slows together as their muscles relax and let go. Feeling the power of postive touch changing someones body is amazing experience. And seeing the peaceful look on their faces as they re enter the world brings me bliss and joy. 

I can honestly say after massaging 17 plus years, I still love it. I have had the honor of having such loyal clients, most have been with me well over a decade and a couple of them have been with me all 17 years. I have seen their lives grow and change, from being single to married to becoming a prenatal client to prenatal clients who's children who now drive. I had 2 clients that I had seen at the end of their lives. Both whom I had seen regularly for 10+ years. I truly miss you Annette and Bev, I think of you both often and I will never forget you. I have been with clients in times of joy and in times of pain and deep sorrow. As a therapist I am blessed to share a real part of peoples lives. These lovely people, my clients, I consider my family have given me so much to me over the years. Some of them have been there when my own life was the hardest and also at its best. The connections are real and true and I cherish them.

If you have every been on my table I THANK YOU, I hope you have received as much as I have.

By: Christy Barnes, LMT/Owner Carpe Diem Massage

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